Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Final information for Y13 Art

Final deadline for all Studio Work and Research Workbooks is March 9th. Anything given in after this date will not be marked by myself or the external examiner or included in the exhibitions. There can be absolutely no exceptions to this deadline.

Research Workbooks will not be available to candidates again until the day of their interview. They must then be left in school until the final Diploma grades are published.

Candidate Record Booklets must also be completed before March 9th. This includes:

  • Photographs of 12 of each candidates best projects. Some projects may need 2 photographs to show them properly. Candidates take all photos themselves. The Art department will arrange printing if cropped and checked jpeg image files are provided to Mr Morgan no later than March 5th.
  • 20 pages from the 360+ pages that an average candidate is expected to produce are selected (in consultation with myself) and photocopied. If candidates want colour photocopies then they will have to make their own outside of school. This is highly advisable in the case of colourful pages!
  • Candidate Statement – Candidates will start on these next week 300 words max.

Students have from 12th – 21st of March to set up their exhibitions. On the 21st I will mark the final exhibitions and submit final grades. On Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th students will have mock interviews with myself and their peers in their own exhibitions.

Interviews with the external examiner will take place on March 29th & 30th.