Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ideas and resources to help Y13 with current IWB task (the significance of media in artworks)

Some interesting sculptural projects in a range of unusual media

A relevant blog to start you off...

Materials & meanings

Another good page

Follow the links to the artists' sites

How does an artist's choice of medium impact upon the final outcome?

Prior to Duchamp & Picasso. most sculptors used ceramics, carved stone, bone, plaster or wood and cast metal to express their ideas. Now available media might include frozen blood, vaseline, waste products, sharks and formaldehyde, condoms, old tights, kebabs, cigarette ends, used engine oil, the artist's own body....

Or in this case - the artist Gianni Motti presents a bar of soap that he claims is made from fat that was liposuctioned from Silvio Berlusconi:

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